Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Prime Minister's Office

First of all, I am no longer sick! =D Many many thanks to all your get-well-soon wishes, they are like my light at the end of the dark tunnel *big hug*. I still haven't get the chance to go out and shoot because of the weather so I dug my archive and found this :-) Enjoy!


denniswoo said...

Oh! That's good to hear.
Nice perspective. Did u stand in the middle of the road? U seemed to have taken quite alot of photos in Putrajaya ar?

Emily said...

No, I wasn't standing at the middle of the road (that might get me fined!) :D Its just a trick using zoom and some cropping ;)

I like Putrajaya because its a tourist spot, people won't look at me in a weird way when I am taking pictures :)

L B said...

Clever zoomer, and clever cropper.. Beautiful picture. Must be heavy on the rent there.