Friday, February 24, 2006

Burning Sky

Caught this scene yesterday, I sure am glad I brought my camera along for my evening walk! =D


Richie said...

Another of my fave kind of pics, such beauty in a sunset shot dont u think? hehe.

L B said...

waaaaaa, ho keng!!!

illusions said...

Seems like an African Sunset

Chris Chong said...

Just had a quick look through your online album - you certainly have a very good eye for photography!

I love the sunset pic - the tree looks almost like a burning bush here.

And the best part about this is that you can't even see the sun. ^_^ very well composed.

I'd like to see what you can do with wildlife, though. Forget about our Zoo Negara (which is rubbish) - try either the Taiping Zoo or Singapore Zoo. I've not been to Taiping, but I absolutely love the S'pore zoo - not just for the variety of animals, but because it's got some really nice enclosures that let you get really close to the animals.

Plus, you've got yourself a superzoom - which is perfect for daytime photography.

Sorry for ranting but I couldn't resist... -_-

Emily said...

Richie: What a pleasant surprise! Haven't seen you drop a line here for some time ;)

l b: duo jie, duo jie!

illusions: Yes, it does :)

Chris: Thanks Chris! The best thing about this shot is it was captured right at my back yard, to think that I often travel far and wide hunting for good sunset shots when the gem has been there staring right back at me all along~

I won't be going to the zoo ever since the avian flu discovery in Setapak >_<

Saw your post, that white tiger sure is cute! Love the Komodo dragon and Lemur pic =)