Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Dragon Art

After being stuck in the house for days I had a strong urge to go out and explore today. Next thing I know, I'm already in the train heading for KL. So I wandered around aimlessly trying out street photography (btw I still suck at it, just don't have the guts to shoot... I'm afraid that I'm infringing people's privacy.) and then I saw this dragon motif at a temple. This is one of the decent shots of the day, unfortunately all my decent shots have nothing to do with street photography >_< Did I mention today was hot hot hot? Sometimes I really do wonder, how do we live in this weather? o_O


L B said...

This, for me, is an excellent example for An Eye For Beauty. Such delicate colors, such texture, such form..

Rob said...

Hi Emily,

all I can say about your KL tower photo is....WOW! It's really good.

I am in KL for the next few days I think. its funny, I read your journal blog and I was in Pudu Raya bus station yesterday. In fact I'm living across the road in one of the hostels.

On the Batu caves front I'm afraid all I know is that the festival was on 11th feb this year and I missed it.

If you're still in KL it could be cool to meet up. I'd leave my email but I'm scared i'll get spammed to death by some not so nice people. I'll check my blog replies as often as my ringit allows though.