Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Lion Dance

One of the best things about Chinese New Year is the Lion Dance and I was lucky enough to catch a performance at a nearby mall the other day. To be honest I've seen better performances (the really good ones act like playful animals and do lots of acrobatic acts) but its nice to see how they make the crowd so happy.

Click here to download a short video clip of them in action (If the link does not work please email me).

For me the star of the day would be this baby lion, I think the kid that was playing with it is only around 4 years old. Here's another shot of him, arghhhh! So cute! Try and spot him in the video :-D Additionally, you can click here for a gallery belonging to a friend of mine. The lion and dragon dance performance he attended sure look a lot more fun than mine! Wish I were there :-/

Lastly, the reason I went to the mall was to buy myself a gold ring. I'm 24 this year and the year of the dog is my year(the chinese zodiac has a 12 year cycle), so I thought I would get me a memorable and long lasting gift :-D But I must stress that the ring is not expensive, I am not going to reveal the price so I won't embarrass myself >;-)

PS: I like the ring a lot! :-D The squarish black spot is my camera's reflection :-P


Levin said...

Hi! I was just browsing through your blog and I'm very impressed with your photos. You've got great talent! Keep up the good work.

See ya around. :)

g. kryptonite said...

Monetary value has no meaning when it comes to things like that (a ring for yourself to commemorate your 3rd year of the dog). Maybe this is why I will never be filthy rich...

Thanks for the photos.

Smoke Head said...

emily, may i help you to put on the ring. :-)

L B said...

nice pics, nice ring, nice birthday too, I hope..

Emily said...

levin : Thank you :) But umm... Since you made your blogger profile private I don't know how to return to your site :P

oldman : Yeah, also the fact that gold is a good investment :P

smokehead : Take the next plane to KL then! :D

l b : Thanks! Birthday wasn't as good though, remember I was sick in bed for the whole day? :(

senaiboy said...

lol.. the small lion is so damn cute haha ^^

hmm which team was that and where was it? juz curious hehe..

Emily said...

senaiboy : I checked my other pictures and their T-Shirt reads 合拳道. The dance was at Alamanda Putrajaya last Sunday (5th Feb) around 2 pm :)