Saturday, February 18, 2006


Caught this moon appearing during daytime weeks ago.

Off topic: Because of my flu I've been in bed sleeping all day, occasionally waking up to bug my MSN buddies (I need more people on my list!) Although I'm feeling a lot better, I'm now wide awake o_O Since I slept so much today I dreamt about lots of things, ranging from my junior high life to my hometown, my parents, my pets and an affectionate unknown cat :-/ The worst thing about this sickness is that my back ached a lot, thankfully that seems to be over now. Ok, rant done :-P Oh yeah, have to wash my bedsheet once I get well because it stinks :-D


g. kryptonite said...

I hope you feel better soon.

L B said...

WOW! What a moon!! Fly me there!!!

Emily said...

Bad news, I highly suspect I got food poisoning as I'm having a bad case of diarrhea =(( There won't be any updates to this blog until I feel better... Now is a good time to email me your MSN address so I can bug you cos I'm bored to death resting at home! >_<

L B said...

:-( Poor em... :-( Get well soon.. I don't go on MSN or Yahoo or Skype often, so not much chance of cheering you up.. Drink lots of water every hour. Hope you come back soon.. Will miss looking at wonderful photos.

dakotablueeyes said...

Holy Crap, that is awesome. I can't get a good picture in the daytime but you have clearly captured one. Awesome

kijal said...

Nice shot of the moon!

denniswoo said...

Wow! Awesome. I also snap a photo of the moon with my FZ3 at

By the way, have you tried snapping the moon during a phenomenon called Aureole?

denniswoo said...

Hope u feel better soon. I hope u didn't get the same Super Flu that I had a few years back. It's some sort of viral fever.

The symptoms that I had was very similiar to Dengue fever except I had no rashes. I went for a blood test just to confirm to see if it was Dengue or not.

The symptoms were:
- High fever comes and goes around the same time everyday
- Throbbing headaches for 3 days
- Vommitting and diarrhea
- Body ache all over

It took me a week to recover. I lost 4kg during that period. My colleague had the same viral fever too and he was weaker than me and had to be hospitalised.

Hope u get better so that we can see more photos.

Hope u don't mind that I put a link from my fotopages to your blog.

Emily said...

Thanks all~ I've been waiting quite awhile for a photo like that, usually the moon is just too bright to get any details :)

l b: I'm back now so you can start expecting pictures again :D But ah... Its been raining a lot these days >_<

denniswoo: I had the super flu last year! It took me 2 weeks to fully recover, I also had a dengue test done but luckily I turned out negative. The good thing about having that flu was it taught me to just let go of my worries and concentrate on getting better instead. I used to have such a tight stressful life so it was nice to have a long break without thinking about anything at all~ Also, thanks for linking me from your blog. Glad you like my photos ;)