Friday, January 13, 2006

Remembering Arthur

I found this photo in my old wallet the other day and decided to scan it. It was only a 2R photo, thats why it isn't as sharp. This picture was taken in 1998 with a 35mm normal film camera, Arthur was only 5 weeks old here :-)

This picture was not planned actually, I wanted to get a frontal shot of him but as I press the shutter he turned and yawned. To my suprise the photo came out good and was very popular with my family and friends. I had to take orders to re-develop the photos for them :-D

Arthur was a very good puppy, obedient, beautiful and with a very mild temper to boot. He may be a mongrel but I suspect his dad was a Japanese Spitz because the grown up Arthur looked exactly like that, only that Arthur had shorter fur :-)

Unfortunately Arthur died a few years ago, I wasn't there during his last moments on earth :-( Rest in peace old friend~

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Smoke Head said...

i am sorry about arthur.

Japanese Spitz is my favourite dog. they are smart, playful and cute. we used to have a lot of them in house, up to six...