Thursday, January 19, 2006

Abandoned Park

This is an abandoned park behind the Alamanda Putrajaya mall. Its a pretty park actually if cleaned and maintained well. When I think back it was actually very dangerous of me to venture here alone, not only that there isn't a single soul within 200m I also had to cross this badly rotted bridge as well. I really should stop pushing my luck next time :-P


L B said...

Be careful, Em.. there are really nasty people around unfortunately. But, it's still a very good picture.

illusions said...

My fellow blogger...BE CAREFUL WOMAN!

Personally, I like solitude. unfortunately in India or, for that matter, most parts of Asia....solitude is fast becoming a luxury item, if not already!

g. kryptonite said...

Yes. Be careful. Quest for the perfect photo op is one thing, but to risk safety is another. Leave those to photojournalists who pride in taking risks.