Tuesday, January 10, 2006


I am back from my hiatus! :-D However, after a lot of thinking I realised that I can't keep up with the a photo everyday theme since I don't get many chances to go out and shoot. The rainy season that has been going on since November and my bad health doesn't help either~

Ok, excuses aside hope you like this egret photo I took from a local park. I must say I really enjoyed taking egret photos. At times they are naughty and move a lot, other times they stand so still I doubt they're alive :-D Too bad they were too far from me to make it a good shot, even for 12x optical zoom :-)

Here's a 360° view of the park, well part of it since its such a big one. Please ignore the amount of noise in it as there is a ship nearby doing... Actually I have no idea what it is doing there :-P


illusions said...

I was just blog surfing and gosh! You are one helluva a talented person...

Can I add your blog the My Favorite Blogs section of my blog...do let me know! Thanks.

Smoke Head said...

i also like to take photo of egret (in Mangrove forest) but face the same problem. i notice the egret in city are not afraid of cars. so i drive my car and stop very next to them and take their photos. :-)