Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Putra Mosque

Today is Awal Muharram so its a public holiday here. After posting this entry I'll make my way to Putrajaya again, but then again it might not be such a good idea after all as the mosque might be crowded with people doing prayers. (i.e. Hard to find a parking space!)

Back to my story that day, visitors are allowed to walk in the compound of the mosque but there are rules to adhere to. I had to wear a pink robe just like many other female visitors there. The place is very peaceful and breezy, really calming :-) However, I was very distracted with my thirst :-/

When I was walking out of the mosque, I overheard a lady said: "The kids are off to buy drinks." My eyes widened! I quickly followed the crowd and went down some stairs. At the end there I saw a food court, yay! After surveying around I finally settled to this... Shaved ice sweetened with syrups and a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top. I was practically orgasming to it after a hot day of walking around heheh. It also has other nice ingredients that is hidden under all the ice; at the price of USD1, you be the judge :-) However, the one I had in Kajang is a whole lot better than the one shown in the photo because Kajang's has a lot more ingredients :-P

As a matter of fact, I'm going to get one right now. Hmm... Kajang or Putrajaya? :-D

PS: I don't smoke. However I sat at the smoking area in the food court because thats the only place protected from the sun's rays :-/


L B said...

I like that ABC too, and your shoes.. But why are you always at PutraJaya? :-)

Emily said...

Thanks l b! Those are Puma running shoes in case you want to know :-D

I'm always at Putrajaya because its near (~15km from where I live) so I am able to drive myself there. Going to KL takes up too much time by train and the tickets are pricey too! (by my standards >_<)

Although I like driving I still don't have the guts to drive to KL even though its only about 30km away (I think).

Mike said...

You managed to get a great shot of the mosque, even with your immense thirst to deal with.

L B said...

I've only driven to KL itself just a few times.. I have a bad sense of direction. One time driving back from KLCC to PJ, I managed to get lost for 3 hours. Then one time driving from PJ to Puchong, I ended up at Selangor Race Course!! Oh, anyway, many times got lost.

Emily said...

Mike : Thanks! But I still haven't learn my lesson, I always forget to bring a bottle of water when I go out :-D

l b: In my first attempt to go to the millenium monument, I got lost for one and a half hours. That's when I found the "shortcut" back to my place :-P My brother is more adventurous than me, he's been as far as Pahang and Melaka even though its just his second year here.