Monday, October 10, 2005

A Trip to KLCC Skybridge

A view of KLCC park from the skybridge, 170m above street level.

Time for a long story (rant) heheh... I woke up at 7am today and reached KLCC at 8.30am thinking I'll beat the crowd but I was very very wrong. The ticketing counter was already full of people consisting both locals and foreign tourists in a "S" shape queue. Reluctantly I went to line up as well.

I end up lining up for 40 mins :-/ Boring, yes... But there were alot of cute tourists to ogle at so it wasn't that bad. They have pretty eyes ^_^ Click to see the hard earned ticket and the visitor pass (For those who wants to know how big my fingers are the ticket photo is life sized :-P) Since I went alone, they manage to squeeze me in with the 9.45am group which was about 30 mins away. While waiting for my group's turn we waited at the mini theatre room where they showed interesting infos about the construction of the twin towers.

When its finally our turn, we have to pass through a security checkpoint which is alot like those found in airports. After that its off to the high speed lift. The journey up 41 floors only took 41 seconds and my ears were uncomfortable from the change in air pressure. We were briefed once again at the skybridge before we were finally released to explore it :-D Apparently it is a double decker skybridge and the one open for public is the lower one. It also serves as an important escape route in case anything happens to one of the towers.

Some short movies that I took (Can only view with Quicktime Player)
Video #1 (2.86MB)
Video #2 (14.5MB)

We were only allowed 10 mins at the skybridge. Judging from the amount of people lining up for the pass everyday, that's alot! I learnt from Wikipedia that only 1400 tickets are issued daily on a first come first serve basis. The visiting hours starts from 9am until 5pm but the tickets are usually out very fast. Hence the long queue :-/ Before leaving the place I lingered at the waiting room awhile reading informations on the wall and trying out some of the interesting exhibits, like the tower sway simulator, the height scanner (At 158cm, the twin towers are 286x taller than me :-(( ) and the Tesla Coil lightning strike simulator.

Going up the skybridge is a nice experience (because it gives bragging rights hehe) but I will never do it again, can't stand queuing up like today again :-/


Tradewind said...

are the tickets free? or they cost XXX bucks?

Emily said...

The ticket is free, going up KL Tower cost RM20+ though. (I think)

Anonymous said...

Hi..i always wanted to go to the Sky you have any MSN IM??? add me at .. I have some question to ask you about the trip..thanks ya!

sudakshina said...

hey Emily, I really like the pic of the KLCC park from Skybridge. I wanted to seek ur permission to use this picture for a internal newsletter we have called Schlumberger Spouses Associations Newsletter. Its a non- profit organisation; general circulation within the spouses of the expats working in this company called Schlumberger. If you dont mind can u please reply to me soon. I will mention ur name acknowledging u as a photographer. Thanks!

Emily said...

sudakshina: Hi, I am flattered that you like the photo enough to want to have it published in your newsletter. However I have to reject your request because my computer recently broke down and I am currently doing a lot of restoration work on it. I regret to say the timing is not right for me to prepare a high resolution version of the photo. Sorry again.

sudakshina said...

Hey thanks for replying to me. Well if you dont mind can I just copy the pic from your blog. I think since its only a online newsletter (actually we just prepare it in microsoft publisher and send it through mails as PDF) I think the resolution of the picture wont be an issue. Thanks a lot that you dont have any problem for me using it. I would send you our newsletter to see how it looks there! :) well, it is really a nice pic! :)

Emily said...

sudakshina: Can you give me your email? I would like to discuss the matter a little further if you don't mind :)

sudakshina said...

my email id is

waiting to hear from you soon