Saturday, October 22, 2005

My (ex) Puppy

Meet Princess, she's a mongrel terrier. We had her a few years ago and this photo was taken when she was just one month old. After having a dog since 1995, I know that a puppy is cutest when they're exactly a month old, hence the photo. That day I was feeling very lazy and don't have the mood to take Princess's and her sibling's picture, but my mum kept urging me to. I'm very thankful with her persistance or else I won't have this amazing image immortalised :-D

Princess had 2 other siblings but she was my favorite for having that black pirate patch on her right eye. Besides that, I also love her cool, graceful and elegant personality (she doesn't make a mess at all during meals, its like watching a cat eat!) so I decide to give her that name she so well deserved :-) We only had them for two months because we can't afford to keep them. They were given away to my uncle's acquaintances in the city and I haven't seen her since. According to my mum my uncle told her Princess new owner is a nice lady.

A year later while visiting my aunt in the city I noticed her neighbour one or two houses down has a dog very similar looking to Princess(actually there were a tonne of dogs and puppies there), I asked my aunt about the neighbour and she confirmed a lady does live there and she really love dogs. I went to peek at "Princess" over the fence since the lady was not home and I'm almost 100% sure that the dog I saw was Princess from the patches as well as how her fur looked. She looked healthy, happy and well fed, that's all I need to know so I don't need to worry about her anymore :-)

Lastly, the photo was taken using my old 35mm film camera Canon Prima Super 105 (Europe model). In the Canon site it is known as Sure Shot 105 Zoom/Date (American Model). The camera was among the first autofocus and zoom cameras ever produced and you can imagine how frustrating it is for me to explain to people how to use my camera everytime I asked them to help take my /my group pic("Press the trigger half way, wait for the green light then continue to finish pressing the shutter. If not, the picture will come out blurry...") Back then, the normal cameras were no brainers where you just point and press the shutter. Gee I talked too much, this should be enough for today :-p

Edit: Oops, forgot to mention that the Canon was a year 1997 model.


Tradewind said...

nice doggy ^_^ , u got any more puppies to give away?
does anyone realise they always have different names for the same camera depending where u are in the world? in US its called Rebel, and in Europe and Asia its call the E series for Canon.. ^_^ WEIRD
yeap... its a pain last time telling ppl to keep pressing 1/2 way.
Emily.. did ever use the digicam that uses those 1.44 megabyte disketts?

Emily said...

Right now we don't have puppies, have to wait for mating season again :-)

This is my first digital camera, so I've never seen one that uses floppy disks before :-P

Smoke Head said...

So cute... Does Princess still recognise you? She would look like panda if she also got patch on another eye.

Emily said...

I don't know Smoke Head, I didn't get to have physical contact with her. Once we had a really big dog named Falcor and he was given to my grandma because their guard dog just died. Even though he haven't seen us for months he still recognises us :-)