Sunday, October 23, 2005

Princess the Puppy Again

I took this photo to potray how fine and soft her fur is Image Hosted by Princess loved it when I take her out for walks, I would hug her like a teddy bear as she rests comfortably on my arms. Unlike cats or other puppies I've had before, she never struggles when I held her like that. She trusted me with all her heart that I won't drop or hurt her, she's like my precious baby Image Hosted by

While I was walking she would lift her head up and take in the scenery. Sometimes the soft breeze was too much for her and she would fall asleep right on my arms, awwwwww Image Hosted by Our neighbours loved them too and would visit from time to time to play with them. When Princess was older she became a very active puppy, hopping around like a rabbit instead of running. Soooo cute!!! Once she and her two other siblings were too engrossed in playing that they accidently "murdered" my mom's young papaya tree by knocking it down and wrestling on it, boy my mom was furious Image Hosted by

Ahh, fond memories with the cutest and best-est puppy I've ever had Image Hosted by

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