Saturday, April 29, 2006


I went to Batu Caves with Ah Tak last Friday, we took the #11 Metrobus just in front of Bangkok Bank around Central Market area. The one way trip cost RM2 and the journey takes about half an hour. It was a nice ride, tourists will love it as they are first presented with the hustle bustle of the city and then it gradually changes to the more serene suburban scenery. Before we even arrive at Batu Caves, we were already teased with glimpses of the breathtaking mountain view. When we finally arrive there, it truly felt out of this world. With birds flying near the mountains... It felt like we're at some movie set ^_^

Anyway, here's the obligatory touristy postcard shot of the place showing the new Lord Murugam statue and the (in)famous steps of Batu Caves. I don't remember the exact number but I think its around 270+, honestly they were nothing. Back in the days when I still live in campus I have to climb 250+ stairs everyday to get to my dormitory. One thing though, the place is a lot smaller than I had imagined. Now I am very very glad I didn't go there during Thaipusam last February, I wouldn't be able to stand the crowd! >_<


Levin said...

272 steps to be exact. :)

Emily said...

I was close heheh :D