Friday, April 28, 2006

Motherly Love

Favourite picture from the trip! Definitely not an easy picture to take with them moving around so much, I'm glad how perfect it turned out. The mother's and the chick's interaction, the sharp and correct focus on subjects and foreground plus the very nice depth of field ^_^

While taking their picture I was very afraid that the mother will feel threatened and attack me anytime! >_<


ComeauxFeng said...

Not well taken.

The grasses too sharp while the chick is too blur.

Chris Chong said...
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Chris Chong said...

Well, yes... the camera seems to have focused on the grass in the foreground. But considering that the FZ5 is a super-zoom with an LCD viewfinder, things like these do happen.

(See? That's why you need to get a DSLR :P)

On the bright side, the exposure and composition are spot on. :)

g. kryptonite said...

I am no expert, but as an appreciator of beauty, I love this picture. So what if the grass is too sharp or focused. Emily has captured the mother to child relationship perfectly; look into the eyes of the hen, and you'll see weary eyes of a mother who is exhausted yet still vigilant for the safety of her child.

Emily said...

Yes, oldman had conveyed what's in my mind perfectly. Sometimes capturing the moment is more important than photographic techniques IMHO, but then again, didn't photography originated from capturing moments?

Chris: I do want a DSLR! But before that I'll need to get a job/sugardaddy/stand at street corners :-P

nemesis said...

u did a good job in capturing the moment and not-so-bad job in term of focusing. I'm vey happy with the picture. in order to catch the moment, we have to sacrifice certain aspects out of it.

alert me in this blog whenever u intend to buy a new dSLR so that i can buy ur used FZ5 hehehe.

Chris Chong said...

Agreed. One of my personal favourite shots was that of a ring-tailed lemur (taken at Singapore Zoo) hidden behind some leaves with some visible camera shake!

But I love the way the whole picture came together. Of all the shots I've taken in my life, that's probably the one I'm most proud of.

I'd post a link, but this is Emily's photoblog... not mine. :)

Eddie Chang said...

emily, as what i discussed with friends at photomalaysia, i do agree, the most important in photography (at least for myself) is the "feeling"... Maybe I am not a photographer, so I have no any burden to create a damn perfect picture, i just do what i do.

That's it. :)

Emily said...

nemesis: Hehehe, I'll keep that in mind. On the other hand, have you tried looking in photographic forums such as Some members are selling their gears there though I don't think there's any FZ5 on sale right now.

Chris: Don't worry, I don't mind at all. I even took the liberty to include the link myself hehehe. Hope you don't mind :D

Eddie: Don't say you're not a photographer Eddie, your pictures are great :)

nemesis said...

i've found ur blog from PM forum actually. haven't seen ppl posting on selling the FZ5. Must be a great toy, it's a keeper. keep the 'feeling' going with ur captures ok. can't wait for more.

Eddie Chang said...

emily and friends, some photo i took at aquaria klcc would share with you all, please feel free to visit my photo blog @

See you!

Smoke Head said...

Well done, emily. they both look delicious!

Emily said...

nemesis: Yeah, I only remembered that after I left the internet cafe, sorry about that. There's an FZ5 on sale now though, go check it out.

eddie: Nice pics! The only reason that kept me from going to Aquqria is the price... >_<

smoke head: Your crab avatar looks delicious too ;)