Monday, April 17, 2006


Hawk? Eagle? Kite? I can't tell the difference. I wish I have the luxury of unlimited internet to find out.


Chris Chong said...

That's a Brahminy Kite.

Emily said...

Thanks! I miss the convenience of internet :(

Chris Chong said...

Actually, I know because I've shot one before (with a camera, not a gun).

I go to the birdpark pretty often too.

My favourite bird there is the spotted wood owl that's somewhere near the Brahminy Kite enclosure (basically, head right after you've entered through the main gate).

It's a hell of a tough bird to shoot - mostly because it's in a really dark place and there's a fine chicken-wire fence between the owl and your lens.

I've only ever gotten one good picture of it. Click here.

Emily said...

Yes I know about the owl, I tried taking photos of it but the fence got in the way. Not to mention the owl simply refuse to wake up from its slumber >_<