Saturday, March 11, 2006


I went to Karnival TV3 Sureheboh today mainly to practice on people shots and hopefully get a glimpse of some celebrities. I was lucky that Vic was scheduled for a performance at the 8tv booth when I was there. Vic was the runner up of the first Malaysian Idols whom I rooted for instead of the winner :-P I took a lot of shots while he performed but this finale is my obvious favourite.

PS: The group of people at the back are contestants in a show called Project Superstar, Malaysian version... I think.


L B said...

Good morning, Ems :-) Good picture! You are right. The best time to take pics of people are at performances like these where they are less 'shy'..

Emily said...

Good morning LB, sorry I reply late. I've been busy :-P I really like the emotions in this picture ;)