Friday, March 31, 2006


Smoking right under the 'No Smoking' sign.


Anonymous said...

Hi Emily, I hope you do take this as "constructive criticism" which is the way I intend it.
I've been looking at your blog for some time and find your pictures without any real purpose. Everything just seems too random-more like something I would take!

Emily said...

Yeah I know, I'm trigger happy and experimenting on all kinds of photography to find the field I like most. My preference is also largely dependent on my mood, I used to like landscapes but now I like bird and animal photography for instance.

I hope my explanation makes sense >_<

anony-wanna-buy-fz5 said...

dear emily

i'm the one who posted the comment in ur previous post.

i really like ur pictures, it may serve no purpose to others, but to me, it really helps me in deciding my next purchase.

I don't own any camera rite now, but the FZ5 keeps on appearing in my dream.

I've found ur blog from photomalaysia.

keep on posting yah!! i will come everysingle day.

If u can demonstrate the power or 12x zoom and nice bokeh shots, i will highly appreciate them.

keep it up emily!~~

Chris Chong said...

A Nikon D50 with the 55-200mm lens is a fairly affordable alternative too... (if you can call RM3000++ affordable)

But if you must have a superzoom, the FZ5 seems like a really safe bet. However, it's been replaced by the FZ7, which should provide similar results as long as you're not planning to make A4-sized prints and stare at them with a magnifying glass.

I've only ever used an FZ20, mind you, but I liked it - especially since you can attach an external flash to it to do stuff like bounce flash. However, its lens exhibits massive chromatic abberations and softness at maximum telephoto and F2.8 aperture. Maybe you can try looking for one of these 2nd hand.

Emily said...

Hello again anonymous fella :-) FZ5 is a good camera but you still need some basic photoshop knowledge to further enhance the photos. I also agree with Chong here, if I can turn back time I will get FZ20 over FZ5 for the hotshoe (to attach external flash) and manual focus feature. Actually I wanted the FZ20 back then but I didn't have enough money heheh.

As for the bokeh shots, take a look at my simple guide here for examples :-)