Friday, February 23, 2007


Guess what this is?


L B said...

a candle?

Emily said...

Correct! :-D

ryan said...

Hi,got ur blog url from PM. =)

U captured some awesome pix considering u r using a FZ-5!!Bravo! =)

Emily said...

Thanks for making my day Ryan, show me your pictures too! :-D

snOoZe said...

Hi Emily! =) nah,i m just telling the truth.Hehe.Previously i own a FZ-20 but i really cant bear with the noise when shoot in low light..haha.I m not expert like u!
Hehe..oh anyway,u can see some of my pix at my humble blog @
I seldom upload pix but recently got myself a dSLR so yea..hehe.Will upload more pix soon. =)

Have a nice day!