Sunday, September 25, 2005


A curious bird checking me out as I take its picture.


Acrix said...

Waoh, nice focus! Most of the time, i can;t get the background (for example the bird) to be focused but rather the foreground. Sigh, like when i go to zoo rite, the focus is alwayz on the grill but not the animal behind it~

Emily said...

Try tweaking your AF mode and chose one that's best. I usually use the default one (big square icon in the middle) but if I don't get the focus I want I will try "Spot Focusing" and "9 point focusing" depending on the situation.

As for the grill, you have to hold the camera nearer to the cage so the grill can't be in focus. I managed to do this with the peacock, the other birds just move too much =P

I wished I've gotten FZ20 instead of FZ5 for manual focus =P Looking forward for the day I'll own a DSLR, whenever that is :-/

As for the picture, I was lucky the cam got the focus right from the start cos birds are so hyperactive!

Acrix said...

There's FZ30 d :) And it has got a swivel lcd panel + the zooming is controlled via a ring like those dslr :) ANyway if not mistaken pentax got a dslr for abt rm2.5k if not mistaken :) That time at the zoo can;t go near the cage becoz there;s a bar in between~ I;ll try tweaking the AF next time :) THx~

Emily said...

I'll stick with my FZ5 until I can afford a DSLR. Currently I like Nikon's D70s but by the time I can afford it maybe a better model would already be out =D