Saturday, September 03, 2005

Mr Green 2

Isn't it a beauty? =)


arbri said...

nope. Id call it a bug :P

Andy said...

Haha I think it's great! You take amazing pictures. And thank you so much for posting comments on my site!

denniswoo said...

Hahahaha....Most girls would have freaked out when they see a bug. Great shot by the way.
What camera did u use for this?

Have u seen my grasshopper shot? It's at the following url:

Emily said...

Ah, I grew up in the village so I am not afraid of such things :D I've had frogs/toads/snakes/lizards/beetles/fireflies etc came into my room as a child so this cute bug is nothing, really :D

I've seen your grasshopper's shots, I like the close up the most :)