Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Mangrove Forest

Nikon D40 @ 170mm, ISO200, f5.6, 1/50 sec
Another picture with the blurry dreamlike effect. This was taken at Binsulok, Membakut.


L B said...

Really Beautiful!!! Wow, another pic that could possible be a great desktop gift for me? *wink*

How are you, Emily? I missed you in KL this year, but somehow, your phone was out of service or something like that, eh? Hope you are well..

Emily said...

Hello LB =) Thanks for following my photoblog still.

When you arrived in KL I am already back in Sabah =P My phone's battery is broken, it likes to turn my phone off =/ Hopefully I can get a new battery when I go to KK in two weeks.

Sorry I haven't been to your blog much (nor May's), with my current lousy net connection I can't open most of the sites in the internet =( Thank goodness is all text, that's pretty much the only site I go to these days >_<

Murphy said...

nice photo of mangrove forest. the trees are so dense and tall... did u go inside to shoot some photos of snakes and bugs? :-D u might find crocodile too.

Emily said...

murphy: I didn't go into the forest, I actually shot the picture from the other side of the river =)