Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Misty Hill

I woke up at 6.30am last Saturday to catch the sunrise. There wasn't a good one because of the haze but this photo made everything worthwhile :)

Finally, pictures from the F3! Before you judge them please allow me, the excusologist™ to make a few, well... Excuses :D These photos were shot using a normal consumer Fujifilm Superia X-Tra 400 negatives and a rather old seldom used (fungi infested) Tamron 28-200mm/f3.5-f22. Most of the photos came out with Cyan coloured tint on the edges of the photo, which I have no idea why. Some were so bad I had to convert the pictures into black and white so they wouldn't be so obvious. My point is, F3 probably could've done better if a better film and lens were used. Maybe could use the hands of a better photographer as well >_<

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