Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Wall design in the main hall of the museum, looked a lot like stained glass in churches but I'm positive it's not. Bottom line, preeeeeetttyyyyy~

Except for the Barbie, the other four pictures uploaded this week were taken with a 9 year old point and shoot 35mm film camera :) Think of it as a challenge on how well I adjust myself without the comforts of digital photography. The things I miss most from my FZ5? Off center autofocus, deep depth of field, macro mode and of course, the 12x optical zoom. Since it's such a long list... Ah, what the heck I'm going to throw in instant review and deleting options as well :P But it's not all that bad for the film camera, it was noticeably faster than the FZ5, isn't power hungry and the anticipation during the wait for the film to be developed was equivalent to a child waiting for Santa's presents on Christmas Eve =)

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Mike said...

Interesting design pattern. The symmetry is great.