Monday, May 22, 2006


I like this photo because the flowers looked like a loving couple clinging to each other :-)

Frankly I haven't done any shooting for two weeks already because I'm just too darn lazy heh, so I dug my archives for this week's posts. I noticed that my standards were once again raised as I can't seem to find photos that tickle my fancy. Mediocre shots I have a lot, but not exceptional ones. Except for this couple-flower picture, I've always known it's great and it's been deliberately saved to post on desperate days like these :-D Anyway, these four pictures were taken 2 months ago and the only one that made it through was this.

PS: It was because during March 19th I went street shooting with a bunch of people from and became obssessed with pictures from that outing :-)


AG said...

. . lol . . they do look like they are showing affection. I like the intense color in this and you seem to have a perfect DOF.

Chris Chong said...

How sweet... -_-

With regards to shooting mediocre pictures with only 1 good shot out of a hundred, it's only inevitable with digital photography.

It doesn't cost anything to take a shot.

Try shooting as if you've got a film camera instead. Show more patience in selecting your subjects. Experiment with different framing on the same subject. And when you think it looks nice, press the shutter. Otherwise, look for something else to shoot.

Also, you should try looking at your current collection and see if there's a particular type of shot that you've taken far too many times. It might also be the case that your shots aren't mediocre per se, but that you're bored of looking at the same kind of shots over and over again.

That's why it's possible to visit places like the bird park over and over again - I see what I've taken before and make it a point to take something different the next time.

Sorry if this sounds like a lecture - just my 2 cents.

Emily said...

AG: Thanks, the intense colours are due to the evening sun. As for the DOF, I can't take credit for that since the macro mode is automatic :P

Chris: I'm doing that right now, which was the reason why I only came back with less than 20 shots from a trip to KLCC park the other day :)