Thursday, November 24, 2005



Ragge said...

Looked through (almost) all your photos. Very nice! You're studying photography right?


Emily said...

Hi! Thanks for your compliment ^_^ I'm actually studying Electrical Engineering, more on the telecommunications field. Never had any formal education on photography, everything is self taught ;-)

Smoke Head said...

Wow... you are a double E students.. you must have the hobby of dismantle your camera, reengineer them to take better pictures. probably u can help me to upgrade my camera too. :-)

Ragge said...

Ok! Then you are a good teacher;)

Bachelor or master Engineer? Just finished my Mechanical Master. Job serching isn't the funniest thing ever:p

Have a nice weekend

Emily said...

Smoke Head: I'm not that extreme! But I must say, the more I study the course the more I don't want to be an engineer >_<

Ragnvald: Just a Bachelor's Degree. I don't plan to do Master on Engineering, maybe some other field. But not now though, maybe in the far future :-P

Ragge said...

A bachelor isn't "just"! :)

Well, that's the good thing, there is lots of time to find out what to do in the future. How many years have you been studying?

Tired now... it's 04 o'clock in Norway. Good night!